No Fuss Afterschool Snacks

strawberry-cyDo you often run out of simple yet yummy ideas for after school snacks? Try some of the ideas below and see how they go down with your children today.

Make a bowl of “dip” simply from Anchor CalciYum Dairy Food (any flavour) and add some fruit on skewers (try different fruit combinations) to a platter. Strawberries and banana are usual favourites. But, try any fruit and see which is a winner in your household.

Serve a glass of Anchor CalciYum Strawberry Flavoured Milk (you can pick up a 2L bottle from the milk section of your local supermarket), for a sweet treat in the afternoon.

Fill pita wraps or tortillas with grated cheese and pineapple. Toast in a sandwich press until golden.

Make an after-school snack plate with cubes of cheese, crackers and grapes, green apple and raisins.

And for something a little more special, pour some Anchor CalciYum Strawberry Flavoured Milk into ice trays and freeze. Use the ice blocks in a milkshake or fruit smoothie the next day.

How about trying an Anchor Uno pouch? They come in a convenient pouch format, perfect for a snack on the go!