Light proof bottle news

With the Light Proof Bottle our goal is to make sure consumers receive their milk in the best condition it can possibly be in, free from light strike and tasting as it did when it was first bottled.

Most milk, regardless of the brand or manufacturer, contains similar amounts of vitamins A and B2. Light interacts with these vitamins it can break them down into free-radicals – the biggest driver of protein and fat oxidation in milk. When these degrade, that’s when milk starts to taste oxidised. When we prevent light from hitting the milk, we stop these reactions – so milk tastes as good at the end of shelf life as when we first bottled it.

We can’t comment on the methodology behind the Consumer NZ research currently in the news, but we can categorically say that our research and that of leading academic bodies, such as Cornell University shows that milk is damaged by exposure to light and the Anchor Light proof bottle prevents this damage from occurring.

In addition, we have undertaken extensive sampling with thousands of Kiwis from around the country who have told us they prefer milk that is free from the effects of light strike.

Anchor consumers have told us they can taste the difference and that, for us, is the most important thing: that all New Zealanders have access to fresh, great tasting dairy nutrition.