Recycling Helps More Than The Planet

Fonterra Milk for Schools recycling bins

case-study-4We all know that recycling’s great for the environment, but there are other benefits you might not have thought of. For instance, recycling gives people access to materials, plus it also creates work – it can provide jobs and income – and that’s great for both communities and environments.

When our Fonterra Milk for Schools recycling bins are no longer required, we give them another life. We re-use them, by giving them to a non-profit organisation called Abilities. Re-using is one of the three Rs (the other two are recycling and reducing) and this is an awesome way for us to support a programme that’s doing a lot of good in the community.

Abilities employ over 100 people with disabilities to break down office equipment and packaging among other things. They recycle business waste and use our bins to hold the bits of old computers, keyboards and phones that other people may find useful. The employees are a vital part of a sustainable business and we’re proud that we can help.