New Life for Old Bins

The three Rs are a big part of our sustainability programme.

case-study-6Recycling, reusing and reducing is an important aspect of everything we do.

When it comes to our old recycling bins, it means we love to find new uses for them. We supply bins for the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme. The bins themselves are made from recycled milk bottles, and they’re used by the students to reycle the empty milk cartons. When these bins are past their best, we find them a new home.

Some of them have made their way to the Abilities Group on Auckland’s North Shore. Abilities recycle and separate all different types of waste products, and we provide retired recycling bins from the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme to help.

Abilities Group is a not for profit organisation. They employ over a 100 people with disabilities to help break down business products – things like computers, keyboards, phones and TVs – and package the components for recycling.

It’s great to be able to support Abilities and reycle our own bins in such a positive way.