It’s a Team Effort at the Aims Games

case-study-5The Aims Games are big. They’ve grown from a small festival to one of the biggest sporting meets in New Zealand. And the crazy thing is – the event is only for Intermediate and Middle School-aged kids.

Just how big is it? In terms of participation, the Aims Games are bigger than the Commonwealth Games. The six-day event attracts over 9000 students from all around the country, and some from Australia, to packed venues in and around Tauranga.

To help the six-day event run as smoothly as possible we supplied 24 recycling bins that were themselves made from recycled Anchor LightProofTM bottles. The 80-litre bins were used at recycling stations and were manned by Green Teams. These Green Teams helped promote recycling and did a fantastic job – collecting 97kgs of empty milk packs. These milk packs were taken away and will be recycled into things as diverse as schoolbooks and roofing tiles.

It was a great team effort. The Green Teams, together with our bins, helped reduce the amount of landfill and keep the Aims Games as litter-free as possible.