Help us recycle more milk bottles

2What happens when you combine a retrofitted recycled shipping container with used packaging from our favourite Anchor, Tip Top, Piako and ecostore products? You create a Recycling Station. This Recycling Station not only collects used packaging,  it gives this packaging  a second life, with all packaging collected being recycled into new products locally here in New Zealand. A great idea right? We here at Anchor call it, ‘closing the loop.’

Introducing The Recycling Station. This is no ordinary shipping container. It is a 20 foot retrofitted shipping container (there are two) designed to capture our favourite Anchor milk bottles along with Tip Top, Piako and ecostore packaging. All packaging collected in the Recycling stations is recycled locally into new products reducing packaging waste and creating less demand for virgin materials. To find out what your Anchor milk bottles are recycled into check out the case studies here.

The two Recycling Stations launched this week and during the four month recycling trial will move around Auckland, Whangarei and Tauranga and will be positioned in schools, community groups and businesses.

Current Locations:

Recycling Stations are currently located at Gate Pa school in Tauranga (7.30am-4.30pm). For new locations follow the Piako, Tip Top, Anchor and ecostore facebook pages.

Products the Recycling Station collects:

·         ALL Anchor Light Proof bottles

·         2L Tip Top ice cream tubs

·         Piako yoghurt containers

·         Ecostore products

** please note all packaging needs to be cleaned and have their lids off before placing in the Recycling Station.

 For more information please contact us.