Great Crates

Recycling crates from SULO Talbot

case-study-3It makes complete sense to us that recycling crates should be made from recycled plastic – we’re sure that you’ll agree.

SULO Talbot makes 45L recycling crates from 100% recycled Anchor Light Proof™ bottles.  This is so that we have the perfect place at work and home for collecting everything from glass, tins and paper to plastics.  It takes 36 bottles to make one recycling crate which means that SULO Talbot saves up to 1.5kg of new HDPE* materials each time they use 100% recycled Anchor Light Proof™ bottles which have been reground.

The recycling crates are being used in schools and preschools as part of the Paper4trees programme. Paper4trees is a nationwide project that provides schools and preschools with recycling crates for the classroom to keep paper and cardboard separated from the rest of the waste stream.  When the crates are full to the brim, the contents are then transferred into the school’s main recycling bin for collection or taken to the local recycling centre.  Paper4trees then give native trees to participating schools to enhance their school

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Tauranga Intermediate was one of the first schools to receive the Anchor Light Proof™ recycling crates as part of the Paper4trees programme.