There’s a lot to love about milk

Which is just as well, since we’ve been producing it for more than 125 years now. In fact, we’d happily describe ourselves as being milk obsessed as quite literally all of our time, our passion, and our expertise goes into doing one simple thing: creating the freshest, most delicious dairy products possible.

We do what we love

We believe in what we produce. And we think milk is packed with so much natural goodness that it should be a big part of each and every New Zealander’s life.

Sharing the goodness

It’s our goal to take the message about milk to the heart of Kiwi communities. That means supporting schools, local franchises, and getting involved in the very best ways we can. We want to share our knowledge and experience, and help promote the importance of healthy, balanced eating plans for everyone.

So discover everything this wonderful white stuff can do, and join us in celebrating the nourishing miracle we call milk.