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There's a lot to love about milk

Which is just as well, since we've been producing it for more than 125 years now. In fact, we'd happily describe ourselves as being milk obsessed as quite literally all of our time, our passion, and our expertise goes into doing one simple thing: creating the freshest, most delicious dairy products possible.

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We do what we love

We believe in what we produce. And we think milk is packed with so much natural goodness that it should be a big part of each and every New Zealander's life.

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the goodness

It's our goal to take the message about milk to the heart of Kiwi communities. That means supporting schools, local franchises, and getting involved in the very best ways we can. We want to share our knowledge and experience, and help promote the importance of healthy, balanced eating plans for everyone.

So discover everything this wonderful white stuff can do, and join us in celebrating the nourishing miracle we call milk.

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Here's how our bottle keeps your milk delicious and nutritious

  • All milk starts out full of good stuff like vitamins. But when it's exposed to light, some of the good stuff can get damaged. It even starts to taste different too. And it doesn't matter whether it's natural sunlight or lights in a supermarket, milk doesn't like it.

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  • Milk is a source of vitamin A, which helps keep your eyes and immune system healthy. Milk is also the number one source of vitamin B2 in Kiwis' diets, which helps fight fatigue. And some milk even contains added vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium.

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  • So, with all this good stuff going on in milk, it's no wonder we want to protect it from light damage. And the best way to do that is with our 100% Light Proof™ bottle. Designed to lock out light and keep your milk delicious and nutritious.

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Science and Nutrition

The facts behind how light can damage the vitamins in your milk

Scientific studies show light damages milk. But how?

Independent studies have shown that light damages milk. One of these studies was published in the Journal of Dairy Science (our favourite read) and shows how milk can start losing vitamin A in as little as two hours of continuous light exposure1. And research supported by the smart folks at Cornell University also shows that light can damage vitamins B2 and A in milk2. Not good.

Not good, because vitamin A is really important for healthy eyesight and a good immune system. And obviously, you need both of these every day. And B2 is just as essential, because it helps your body turn food into fuel, which helps to stop you feeling tired and run down. Some milk even contains added vitamin D, which is great for helping your body absorb calcium.

But thanks to our Light Proof™ milk bottle, all these essential vitamins are protected from light, which helps you get the most out of every glass.

Read the information from Cornell University here

and here.

Results of a study of what happens to milk exposed to light3.

Exposure graph

3Anchor Blue Top Milk over shelf-life. Continuous exposure at 2000 Lux white fluorescent light. Actual degree of exposure will vary.

Watch Anchor Light Proof Healthy Food Ideas

Find out about milk's journey to you

How much light does your milk see?

By the time it gets to your fridge,
it's been exposed to lots of damaging light.

And as you know by now, this isn't good for the vitamins in milk4,5. There are lights in the factory where the milk is stored (because it's pretty hard for our guys to work in the dark). There are the lights in the delivery truck, lights in the chiller at the store and even the sunlight that your bottle of milk is exposed to on the way home.

Other packaging options - such as regular milk bottles and cardboard cartons - can let up to 25% of that harmful light in6. But our 100% Light Proof™ milk bottle locks out light to protect all the stuff that's good for you, like vitamins B2, A and D.

Click here to see how Light Proof™ our bottles really are.

Find out about recycling

Is the new Light Proof™ bottle still recyclable?

Kiwis can recycle Anchor’s Light Proof™ milk bottle exactly as they always have.

Anchor's Light Proof™ bottle is made from the same high-grade, recyclable HDPE plastic as the old bottle. Nothing changes with your kerbside pick-up or drop-off to a rural collection centre. Recycled Anchor bottles are already being used in the production of recycling bins, slip sheets, cable covers, pipes, drainage coils and more. In fact, capacity exists amongst recyclers here in New Zealand to use 100% of recycled Anchor bottles in the manufacture of new products.

That means the only thing that has changed is how well the new bottle protects milk’s nutrients and taste.

Click here to find out more about the Anchor Recycling Moo-vement

What can our bottles be recycled into?

Find out what the taste benefits are.

Light not only damages vitamins in milk,
it degrades the fresh taste too.

Once vitamins like vitamin A and B2 in milk have been damaged, the fresh taste is impacted. So it's no surprise that when we tested 73,662 New Zealanders, 8/10 of kiwi's preferred the taste of light-protected milk.

That's one more reason why Anchor introduced the 100% Light Proof™ milk bottle; because we’re committed to giving New Zealanders the best-tasting and most nutritious milk possible, every single day.

Try it for yourself, and taste the difference.

Taste Video

8/10 people who took the taste test prefer the milk from Anchor's new Light Proof™ bottle.

Check back each week to see how many people have tasted the difference.

* Product Placement in store taste testing April - June 2013.

Our family

The Goodness of Anchor Milk

At Anchor, we think milk is the best thing in the world. It's food for life. Packed with natural dairy goodness, milk helps your body do just about everything, from building muscles to growing strong, healthy bones. That's why we'd love to see New Zealanders make milk a bigger part of their day. And to help make that happen, we promise to always deliver a deliciously fresh, top quality product to every corner of the country.

Explore the Goodness - Scroll down

Milk is packed full of nutrients that can provide the building blocks for a healthy life.

Milk is bursting with dairy goodness. With 9 essential nutrients, milk can help strengthen bones, boost your immunity, and assist growth and development.

There are many types of milk available today, there's one at your local dairy to suit Granny or the grand-kids. But one thing will never change, and that's the natural goodness of dairy.

The New Zealand Food and Nutrition Guidelines recommend we consume at least two to three servings of dairy every day.

Are you making milk a big part of your day?

Why we love milk and you will too.

Mindy Wigzell

Fonterra Brands Nutritionist

BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Dietetics

"As a Nutritionist, I'm passionate about nutrition and its contribution to the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders of all ages, from Cape Reinga to the Bluff. With its great taste and unique combination of nutrients, milk is both delicious and nutritious - that's why Kiwis have been enjoying the goodness of Anchor milk for generations.

Milk contains a range of essential nutrients. From calcium, and its well known role in supporting healthy teeth and bones, to vitamin A for healthy eyesight plus protein and other nutrients for energy, growth and development - milk really is a dairy powerhouse!

Whether you enjoy Anchor milk with cereal, as part of your favourite beverage and recipes, or chilled straight from the glass, you can be sure you're getting all the goodness that pure NZ milk has to offer."

Signed Mindy Wigzell
glass background

A Glass Of Dairy Goodness.


  • For bone formation and maintenance of strong healthy bones and teeth
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • Important for normal muscle and nerve function
  • Milk and dairy products are one of the most readily available dietary sources of calcium


  • Dairy protein is particularly high quality - providing all of the amino acids essential for good health
  • Promotes growth and development
  • Increases satiety (leaves you feeling fuller for longer) and may help in weight management
  • Important for immunity
  • Enhances muscle development and strength
  • Essential for tissue repair


  • Essential for formation of strong bones and teeth
  • Vital role in the blood, nervous and enzyme systems
  • Works with B vitamins to release energy from food


  • Important for transmitting nerve impulse
  • Assists with blood pressure control
  • Part of many enzyme systems


  • Helps calcium absorption and retention
  • Important part of the mineral structure of bones and teeth
  • Important for transfer of energy around the body
  • Essential for all cells in the body


  • Helps overall growth and development
  • Important for wound healing
  • Maintains healthy immune system


  • Helps release energy from food
  • Important for healthy eyes and skin
  • Releases the energy from food to maintain daily activities


  • Maintains healthy skin
  • Important for proper visual and immune function

Proudly supporting Fonterra Milk for Schools


There's so much goodness packed into a single glass of milk. We think it should be available to each and every Kiwi kid, helping all our future scientists, writers and rugby players grow up healthy and strong.

That's why we support the Fonterra Milk for Schools programme. It provides free milk to primary schools across New Zealand, ensuring kids have access to the goodness of dairy every school day.

It's a big plan, but it's worth it. And we can't wait till it rolls out across New Zealand.

For more information please visit the Fonterra Milk for Schools page here >

Schools milk pack

Anchor History

Anchor history

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Here's how you can contact us by post or over the phone:


Fonterra Brands NZ Ltd.

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For general inquiries:
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Is Anchor™ Milk Pasteurised or Homogenised?

Yes, Anchor™ milk is pasteurised. In fact, all milk that retails for sale in New Zealand needs to be pasteurised to make sure it's safe to drink. Basically pasteurisation involves rapidly heating the milk to 72°C for only 15 seconds. This destroys any bacteria that maybe present which could make you sick, without changing the wonderful fresh taste.

As well as being pasteurised, most of our Anchor™ milk products that contain fat are homogenised as well. This is when the fat droplets within the milk are reduced in size by being squeezed through a really tiny gap, just like a fine sieve that you use at home. Homogenising milk means that all the nutrients, and that delicious taste, stay consistent from the very first drop, to the very last one.

You'll know a non-homogenised milk product when you see it because a cream layer forms, floating on the top. It's nothing to worry about, this is simply because milk-fat (cream) is lighter than milk so it rises to the surface. It's what you'll see in our traditional Anchor™ Silver Top milks which contain non-homogenised cream.

Our lower fat milks aren't homogenised, because they have so little fat there's just no need.

Pasteurised or Homogenised

Is your fresh milk made from reconstituted milk powder?

Definitely not! Take a look at the ingredients list on the Anchor™ milk label. The ingredients list can sometimes be declared as milk, cream or ultrafiltered milk, but unless we've specifically said otherwise, you can rest assured the only ingredient used in our fresh milk is ... fresh cow's milk!

Can you freeze milk?

We do not recommend that you freeze your milk. This is because milk expands when you freeze it, which can cause the bottle to split.


Why has my milk separated?

One reason your milk could separate is if you've frozen and defrosted it several times. This can change the structure of the milk protein and the fat so the cream rises to the top and the proteins sink to the bottom. It might look a bit odd, but separated milk is still safe to drink if food safety precautions have been followed.

The other reason that your milk could separate is that it's started to spoil or go ‘off'. As good as it is, no milk lasts forever. Once milk is past its expiry date, or if it hasn't been stored properly under refrigeration, bacteria may start to grow in it, changing the pH level and causing the milk to separate. This milk will also start to smell ‘off' or have a bad odour, so smelling milk before you drink it can be an indicator of shelf life. Milk isn't safe to drink when it's past the expiry date, so please make sure you throw it away.

Why does my milk have particles in the bottom of it?

Fresh Anchor™ milk should never have anything that looks like particles in the bottom of it – please don't drink it if it looks like that. But if you've frozen and thawed the milk a couple of times already, milk separation can occur because of the changing protein structures. In this case, while it might look a bit odd, it's still safe to drink if food safety precautions have been followed.


Why does my milk have lumps in it?

Fresh Anchor™ milk should never have lumps in it. Please don't drink milk that looks like that.

The most common reason for ‘lumpy' milk is that it's going off. Basically it's starting to spoil and you're seeing a reaction to the bacteria growing in the milk. You need to throw it away the milk when it gets to this stage, as it's not safe to consume anymore. Remember to always keep your milk refrigerated below 4°C and use the expiry dates on the packaging as your guide for best milk quality.

Does milk contain gluten and Wheaten?

Fresh Anchor™ milk is made from cow's milk only and does not contain added gluten or wheat ingredients.

Please be aware that some of our other Anchor™ products, like flavoured milk or yoghurt, have added ingredients that may contain gluten or wheat. At Anchor™ , we're incredibly stringent with ingredients choosing allergen-free options whenever we can.

If you do have a food intolerance or an allergy, as always, please read the label and check the ingredients declaration on pack. We aim to ensure that our Anchor™ milk products have current, accurate label information and we clearly identify potential allergens in the ingredient list.


I have some milk that tastes strange, what should I do?

If you think you have an Anchor™ milk product that isn't up to our normal high standards, you should contact our customer service team and they'll be able to assist you. Please note that we test all our Anchor™ milk products for quality (this includes checking them for that fresh flavour you know and love) during processing, and before we release them for sale.

Please note that dairy products can pick up the flavour of what they're stored next to in the refrigerator if it has a particularly intense taste or smell, such as a cut unwrapped onion, so keep all food items stored in the refrigerator wrapped or covered, including milk.

Is Anchor™ milk Halal, Vegetarian, Vegan or Kosher?

For ovo/lacto vegetarian eating plans, milk and dairy products are usually suitable to include. Please check the ingredient list on the label of flavoured milk or yoghurt. For vegan eating plans, please note that Anchor™ milk is made from cow's milk which is an animal derived product.

Anchor™ milk products are not certified as Kosher or a Halal in New Zealand.


Can I trust the nutritional information and ingredients on the label?

Yes, of course you can! We aim to ensure the ingredients and nutritional information on every Anchor™ milk label complies with FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) requirements under the Food Standards Code legislation.


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